Our Story

One Hundred Years of Music and Visual Entertainment 

Since 1920 the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band has electrified and stirred both national and international audiences with their masterful play and striking full dress uniform.

Attired in their traditional Royal Stewart Tartan, the band has performed in cities across North America including many locations throughout the USA; Las Vegas, Cleveland, Minneapolis and Norfolk, Virginia. Recently The Band performed on stage with Sir Paul McCartney - a truly wonderful experience. The band has been honoured to perform for a number of royal and foreign dignitary visits including two by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Winnipeg Police Pipe Band is grateful to those audiences who have shown us their support. It is your encouragement that allows us to continue this proud Legacy.

The Winnipeg Police Pipe Band was established in 1920. Initially membership to the band was open to non members of the Police Force. As the Force grew in size and more pipers and drummers entered into police service, the Police Commission in 1939 directed that only members of the Force would be permitted membership in the band. In the 1980's, due to promotions and retirements, the Band again began to include volunteer pipers and drummers as it does to this day. The current band includes police officers, fire fighters, military personnel, accountants, tradesmen, business owners and representatives of many industries. However, it is still a tradition that the role of the Pipe Major (band leader) is filled by a current enlisted police officer. No matter what their background, the members of the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band strive to play music of the highest level that will move and delight their audiences.

One of the Band’s regular functions since 1961 has been the Canadian Football League’s (CFL) Grey Cup festivities. The Band is proud to be the only Pipe Band in Canada to have performed in every Grey Cup City in Canada. Other prestigious events include the Rose Bowl Parade and the World Curling Championships. One hundred years of performing has led the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band to many wonderful locations throughout the world and will continue to thrill audiences for years to come.

Today, as our band continues to grow, we have set our sights on promoting Scottish Heritage within our community through organizing recitals and concerts and playing at many events in and around the City of Winnipeg. In 2013 the band took on the challenge of bagpipe competition. Respectfully starting at the grade 3 level, the band moved up to Grade 2 (Grade 1 is the top level in piping and drumming) in 2018 proving that they have what it takes to win.

Our band is over 60 members strong and growing. 

The Great Highland Bagpipe

The most common and best known of the world's bagpipes (other versions exist), the Great Highland Bagpipe is an ancient instrument that can trace its modern form as far back as the 1500s when it was developed by the Gaelic speaking people of Scotland's Highlands and Western Islands.

The Royal Stewart Tartan

The Winnipeg Police Pipe Band is proud to display the striking pattern of the Royal Stewart Tartan, which it was granted permission to wear by the Lord Master of the Rolls for the United Kingdom.

The Call of the Pipes

The distinctive music of the pipes was first used by Scotland’s Highland clans to initiate gatherings, provide accompaniment for celebrations and games, and to inspire warriors in battle. It was later adopted by the British military to lead its own soldiers in battle, thereby introducing this important part of Scottish heritage to the farthest reaches of the British Empire, and the world.

Former Pipe Majors

I. Stewart MacPherson       2000 - 2003

A. Bruce Taylor                    1986 - 1999

Donald A. Morrison             1969 - 1985

Neil Sutherland                     1948 - 1969

J. Coghill                                1920 - 1948


Former Drum Majors

Robert Dutchen

Robert Watson

John Robins

Cliff Cooke

Thomas Arfield

John Coghill


Former Pipe Sergeants

Garth McCombe

I. Stewart MacPherson

A. Bruce Taylor

Ross McClay

Daniel MacKay

Harold Forgie

Robert Young


Former Drum Sergeants

Robert Draho

Russell Lelliott

Robert Cooper

Harold Cooper

Andrew Swan

Sid Hughes